10 Signs The Law of Attraction is Working for You

If you’ve been adhering to the principles of the Law of Attraction at all, you might be curious about the timetable involved with it. One of the great things about the Law of Attraction is that there are no deadlines and no set schedules for you to worry about in that way. It might start working quickly or it might take more time. The good news is that you’ll know it when it starts working, too:

1. You’ve noticed some health improvements and some of your health problems have gone away.

Negative thoughts have a directly negative impact on your health. Getting healthier might not have been one of your primary goals when you started taking the Law of Attraction into consideration. However, you are still attracting positive energy one way or another. That’s going to make you healthier.

2. You’ve noticed a huge improvement in your mood.

This is one of the benefits that you’ll probably notice right away. You’re attracting a lot of positive energy to yourself. It’ll have a huge effect on how you feel.

3. People start to like you more.

Your positive energy is going to rub off on other people pretty fast. Since you’re happier, they’ll be happier around you as well. You’ll notice the difference right away when it comes to how people treat you.

4. The mail that you start to receive from people in your inbox and mailbox seems to get better.

As a lot of your goals and relationships fall into place, it will have an impact on how the world treats you. It will also have an impact on the feedback you get. You might start to notice less junk mail, fewer negative emails, fewer bills, fewer late notices, and fewer reasons to dread checking the mail.

5. Your levels of physical fitness have gotten better.

Physical fitness represents a step beyond physical health in many ways. Not only will a lot of your health problems go away as a result of the principles of the Law of Attraction, but you will reach a state of health that’s even better than that. You might find that running and lifting comes easier to you and that your body seems to be capable of more things now.

6. Things seem to be going your way at work.

This will mean different things to different people, depending on where you work. You might notice that your boss gives you better and more highly-paid assignments. You might have to deal with fewer frustrating customers. The work that you do might be less difficult and more stimulating at the same time. Overall, going to work seems to be better.

7. You seem to be accomplishing more goals of your own.

Most people have that one goal that they seem to keep on putting off year after year. Maybe you’ve been working on a novel since college that you never finished. Maybe you wanted to finish working on that new addition to the house. You might have wanted to finally clean out the garage. If the Law of Attraction is working, you may have accomplished some or all of these dreams.

8. You seem to be finding more of what you want in stores.

We’ve all had that feeling of going to the grocery store and never finding the right brand. You found the perfect blouse, but it’s not in your size or on sale. If the Law of Attraction is working, you might be running into more situations where you find the perfect items on sale all the time.

9. More of the positive ‘little things’ in life seem to be presenting themselves.

You might notice that you get the best parking space more often. You might manage to interact with the nicest barista at the coffee shop more often instead of the frustrated barista. Life is full of moments like this, and increased positive energy makes them happen more often.

10. Long-term relationship issues seem to be fading.

If the Law of Attraction is working, it’s possible that you and your spouse or partner aren’t having that seem recurring argument that you can’t seem to resolve anymore. Your parents might have given up on criticizing you for a choice that they didn’t like that you made years ago. Lots of relationships have ongoing issues. Increased positive energy has a way of solving them.

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