15 tips to help you keep your motivation

15 ways to get motivated

A loss of motivation can be crippling to your life, both personal and professional. To get ahead in the world it is necessary to have a strong drive to improve and make each day count. It is very easy to lose this feeling and become unmotivated. Sometimes it seems like it is easier to just live with the status quo rather than seize every opportunity to attain greatness. Getting out of this type of funk is not easy, but it is absolutely possible by following some simple steps. Go through this checklist one at a time and complete as many steps as it takes to get yourself back in the zone.

1-Set a goal for yourself

Take note of the fact that it says a goal, not multiple goals. When you think about every minute detail that you would like to take care of it can be overwhelming. Set one immediate goal and take care of it. Even small accomplishments contribute to self-esteem and motivation. Take pride in accomplishing your goal and then set another after that. Keeping yourself focused on a single task at a time is a great way to not only establish motivation, but to keep it as well. Your goal can be as big or small as you want, although when starting out it is easier to get motivated about a simple goal. Tinker with the idea and see what works for you. If a great, expansive goal is what gets you going then by all means shoot for the stars.

2- Post Your Goal

This may sound silly but it will legitimately help with getting in the right mindset to complete your tasks. Write down or type the goal that you would like to achieve and post it in a conspicuous place. This can be in your home or workplace, just make sure that it is somewhere that you will see it many times during the day. Reading your goal will keep you from letting yourself forget about it and also help you to be excited about what you are going to achieve. Each time that you achieve a goal, take it down and post the next thing that you need to get done. After a few times you may start to notice that you are rapidly knocking items off of your to-do list.

3-Make sure that you are getting the support you need

Life can be hard and facing it on your own is harder. Set up a support system for yourself so that when you start to feel overwhelmed or upset you have somewhere to turn rather than giving up. Support systems come in different types, but they can generally be separated into two groups.

Internal support is not the only type that you will need but it is absolutely necessary. This internal support is simply building you up rather than tearing yourself down. Make good decisions and then actively support those decisions. Sometimes this is the only control that you have in life and it is important to realize that.

External support is given by others whether that means friends, family or coworkers. Be sure to surround yourself with the right people. Those who nourish you potential will help with remaining motivated. If there is someone in your life who is consistently negative, limit your exposure to that negativity.

4- Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine

Numerous studies have proven that regular exercise greatly improves mood. Without going too much into the science behind this, exercise can drastically improve mood. Beyond this, even a small amount of exercise can relieve stress and even improve mental acuity. This is going to dramatically improve your mindset and keep mental barriers from derailing your momentum. Physical activity can be especially productive if you are struggling with the goal that you have made for yourself. Take a break and go for a run or whatever type of physical activity you prefer. Allowing yourself to step away from a task that has become tedious may provide a fresh perspective which will help motivate you to get back to work.

5-Psych yourself up

Try not to make the tasks that you are tackling feel like grueling work. Think about the results of your labor and all of the things that will be accomplished by taking care of the job ahead of you. Make a list for yourself detailing the things that you will enjoy about completing a particular task. If you are working on a project that you think will get your superior to notice you, concentrate on that aspect. Maybe you are working on a project around the house. In that case, think about the ways that you will be able to enjoy what you have done after the work is over.

Sometimes it helps to talk it out with someone else and explain what you are trying to do. Talk to a friend about all of the great things that will happen if you are able to meet your goal. This positive approach tends to be contagious and whoever you are talking to can help you to feel like you are definitely going to succeed.

6-Don’t get discouraged with yourself

Sometimes goals are not going to be met, no matter how much effort and good intention are put into them. It will be impossible to get motivated and stay that way if you tear yourself down each time you are not able to complete a goal that you have set for yourself. Instead of getting upset, think of it as an opportunity to learn. Try to pinpoint why you were not able to complete the task that you set for yourself and how you can fix that issue. Tell yourself that with this new knowledge, you will not only meet your goal but also be better equipped to face other challenges in the future. Feel secure in the knowledge that you will never make the same mistake twice, so the next time your task will be simple rather than something to feel concerned about. Once you know why you have not been successful in the past, you should be excited to try again. Nothing feels better than when you go into a job knowing that you have the tools and experience to get it done.

7-Take some time to feel fulfillment in each accomplishment

There is always a temptation to rush into the next goal and sometimes this may even be necessary. When possible try to really savor the victories in your life, both small and large. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and reflect on what you have been able to accomplish. Each time that you have some sort of win in your life, it is setting you up for more success in the future. You are going to be more confident in your own ability to succeed. Beyond this, others who have seen you achieve your goals are going to remember that you complete what you set out to do. They are going to be more willing to trust you to help them in the future. A success may be another good opportunity to talk with a friend or family member and let them share in your happiness. Remember that there is a line between sharing and bragging, but it is not inappropriate to discuss your accomplishment. Going back to the support system, praise and admiration from others will help to stay motivated when the next challenge arises.

8-Seize the moment, it may not come again

While it is of the utmost importance to put failures behind you, it is also necessary to realize that opportunities do not always come around more than once. It can be a real boost to your energy when considering that you might be afforded a once in a lifetime opportunity, for instance a job or a new connection. Let this sink in and help motivate you to put your best foot forward. Remind yourself that you have the skills and the drive to achieve everything that you want to and take the chances presented to you. Use this moment to think about some of the successes that you have enjoyed in the past. Think about what led you to these triumphs and use the same strategies to add to your winning record.

9-Publicize your goal

This does not mean that you need to purchase ad time on television, but let other people know about what you are trying to achieve. It can be difficult to maintain motivation once the initial surge of excitement wears off. Putting yourself out there and publicly committing to your aspirations should give you the drive to follow through when the going gets tough. This method may not work for everyone. If you feel that the extra pressure is counterproductive then by all means skips this step. However, if you give it a try it will generally turn out that the other people rooting for you to finish what you started will just add to the momentum that you are developing. It is inspirational to watch other people achieve their goals. Having friends and acquaintances rooting for you is often the push needed to get through the tough challenges.

10-Don’t give up

The surest way to get into a motivational funk is to let yourself quit. Making excuses for falling short of your own expectations is much easier than following through when tough times come around. In the long run, this establishes a pattern that is tough to break. It is more likely each time that you give up on a task you will subconsciously label yourself as a quitter. This can create a mental block where you think that you cannot complete any task because you are just going to bail out when things get difficult. Nip this in the bud by sticking it out through the hard times, then even if you fail you will be able to say that you persevered. Sometimes this is worth as much to your self-esteem as if you had gotten to your goal. As you push through problems and come out on the other side, you will learn that you are tough enough to face any challenge.

11-Never get into a cycle of failure

It is absolutely acceptable to fall short of expectation, both your own and those of other people in your life. Do not let this lead you to believe that you have failed. Seeing each time you fall a bit short as a failure will start a cycle where you start to think that you ARE a failure. If things did not go your way because you did not put forth the necessary effort, own up to it and do better the next time. If you gave one hundred percent and still fell short, there is no shame in that and you cannot let yourself feel like you are a loser. Think of all the times that you did NOT fall short of your goal and you will see that you have what it takes to be a winner. This mindset is imperative to attaining and maintaining motivation.

12-Get out of town:

This is not always possible with work and family obligations, but getting away from stressors for a period of time can help to reset you mentally. Motivation can be lost when you get overwhelmed by obligations and a short break like a trip to a favorite getaway is often a cure for fatigue. If you feel like you need to take things a step further, go somewhere that you will not have access to your cellphone or computer. Let yourself fully disconnect from the world for a day or two, then come back refreshed and ready to face a new challenge. Oftentimes a bit of distance will lend some clarity to a problem that you have been too close to. This could be the perfect remedy if you get stuck on a particularly difficult task.

13-Look for inspiration:

In a lot of cases, a lack of motivation may just be due to not feeling inspired. Think about the direction that you would like your life to be heading in and try to figure out who has been able to do something similar. It can be a useful exercise to look into the personal journey of someone who has already accomplished something that you would like to do yourself. For instance, if your goal is to become rich find out how someone else has gone from modest beginnings to financial success. This does not only need to apply to people doing exactly what you are interested in. If you know someone who is particularly impressive to you, speak with them and ask how they are able to accomplish so much. Perhaps they will even be willing to act as a sort of mentor and guide you to greater success.

14-Replace doubts with positive thoughts:

Everyone experiences self-doubt and it can be one of the easiest ways to get off track from motivation. When you encounter doubts about your abilities, try to push them aside with positive thinking. If you do not feel like you will be able to accomplish your goal, make a list of all of the positive attributes you possess. Consider which of these traits will be beneficial to you in your work and think about how they can help you complete your goal. Ask a friend what parts of your personality contribute to your success. The vast majority of the time, considering your positive attributes will show you that you have the tools to achieve your aspirations. All that is left is to put yourself out there and do your best.

15-Do not ever be afraid to change:

Sometimes what you are doing feels like it just is not working for you. In some cases, this could be because it isn’t. Do not just go through life willing to suffer because you are afraid to try something different. If you hate your job but think that you cannot give up the money or the benefits, change the way you think. Your quality of life is worth something beyond monetary concerns. If your job or something in your personal life is keeping you from attaining happiness, you owe it to yourself to find a way to make a change. Never feel like you are without options. Some of your options may not be the most attractive, but you always have choices in life. The trick is finding a way to manipulate those choices into a positive outcome for yourself.


Motivation can be a tricky thing to come by. Once you have lost it, sometimes it seems like you will never be able to get back into a groove. Follow this checklist and you will not only find your motivation, you will achieve at a higher level than you thought possible. Never be afraid to embrace your potential and when you find something that works, share it with your friends. Helping someone you care about succeed feels almost as good as achieving your own success.

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