Action with the law of attraction


Have many people have seen that they know a lot about the law of attraction but no changes happen to their lives? Why? Because of actions some of us are good at taking actions when they gain new knowledge and some of use always postpone our actions .This method toward a wealthy life is fruitless, because ideas without actions are worthless.

So why some man take action and others not, there are many reasons lay down beneath this this article we are going to meet them


 Action with the law of attraction

Here are basic reasons that make us don’t’ take actions

1- focus: we do not have a clear focus why? Because it is easy for us to get caught up in everything that is going around us, and what others are thinking of us, so we tend to forget to apply what we have learned from the law of attraction.

2- Fear of failure: some people are afraid when they first want to take action, because they feel that they cannot succeed that’s why they don’t seem to take action

3- We don’t take 100% responsibility: we all think that someone is responsible to our lives, such as government, spouse, and parents. That’s why we depend on other people to make us happy. Because happiness comes from our inner world no body rather than us can make us happy. And when hard times come only and only we suffer.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out whether you depend on yourself or not. Answer all questions wholeheartedly.

How do i typically feel every day?

What is the purpose of my life?

What do i do during my spare time?

Am i using my time so that I’m always moving forward?

What are my future plans and life goals?

Find your answers after quick thinking.


4- Waiting for opportunities: we all wait for opportunities to emerge somewhere, you should stop waiting for them, and with law of attraction you can create opportunities every day. Don’t wait till the perfect ones appear. Waiting means that you don’t feel like you are ready for success and at the end law of attraction will interpret that by keeping you waiting endlessly.

5- Using visualizations properly: most people can be successful by using visualization, powerful visualization methods are vision boards and mind movies. If you don’t use the visualization properly after all you’ll get tired and stop.

Action with the law of attraction, start take action with the law of attraction, because ideas are worthless without taking action.

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