Best way to use affirmations

Best way to use affirmations, learn how to use the affirmations in an effective and right way, Best way to use affirmations is that you can repeat them. Discover the power of affirmations and how to use them.

Best way to use affirmations

When you start using the law of attraction you should use it wholeheartedly because when you give your full attention and feelings to your goals it’s inevitable that you will achieve your goals anyway, one of the aspects of achieving goals is reprograming your mind, one way to reprogram your mind is by using affirmations in a right and effective way. Here in this article we are going to show best way to use affirmations and self-talk. Don’t ignore affirmations it’s a part of your strategy to success.

Prioritize your important goals: you may have many goals in mind to achieve but focusing on them will make your mind less concentrate on those goals, instead write down your very important goals and start using affirmation to achieve your important goals in first steps to be able to focus more.

Repeat your affirmations before going to bed: devote some time every night only for affirmations and self-talk statements, especially when you on the verge of sleeping use powerful affirmations. Because your mind relaxes best when it is in alpha state and it’s very receptive to the ideas you give to your mind, that way your way to achieving your goals with the law of attraction is effortless, because your subconscious mind accepts everything you give to it without any excuses it receives them.

Don’t use many affirmations first: use only two or three affirmations, this way your mind can focus on them and remember them easily, that way your subconscious mind will be reprogramed as you wanted to be.

Use authentic words: use your written affirmations in an authentic and realistic way, use the words that make you feel good

Repeat your affirmations many times during the day: right after you wake up use your affirmations because our minds are very impressionable when we wake up, and use it before going to bed, and many times during the day, for example when you are going to school, to work, waiting at bus stations. That way you’ll reinforce your mind with the new belief.

Use affirmations in a present time:  use sentences such as “ I’m happy” not “ I want to be happy” or “ I’m enjoying driving my new Jaguar c-x17 now” or say” I’m happy with my girlfriend now” use words in a present time, your mind will be reprogramed in a new way.

Say your affirmations out loud everyday: when you repeat your affirmation be sure that you are in a calm place  and one disturb you and say them out loud also it’s preferable to use a mirror to see yourself while saying your affirmations, because that way you will look more authentic.

Mix your affirmations with visualization: affirmations tend to work best when they are mixed with visualization so don’t only say your affirmations but also visualize them with passions and desire, to do this sit and cloth your eyes as you repeat your affirmations vividly visualize yourself experiencing the your desired things.

It’s desirable that you use affirmations in a relaxed state of mind, so that your mind can receive everything you give to it. That’s why hypnosis experts make their patients feel more calm and they use music designed to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable, if you feel you have difficulty using affirmation in a correct way I urge use hypnosis to reprogram your mind for the better.

You may wonder how long does it take to achieve these goals by repeating affirmations, well it depends on your experience with the process of using affirmations and how you used them, our mind easily reprograms after 30 to 60 days, so make sure you use your affirmations vividly for at least 30 days.

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