Changing Goals using the law of attraction

Goals and law of attraction

Goals and law of attraction

Because, we have many problems and obstacles in life, we tend to achieve all of them as fast as we can. That’s why we change goals before they have been manifested into our real world. This issue is common with using the law of attraction. Law of attraction works in an authentic way and it knows the quickest and fastest way to manifest the things we desire most. But often because we are in rush we do not allow the law of attraction to work properly.

Changing Goals using the law of attraction

What to do to solve this problem?

First of all we have to understand the law of attraction or loa and how this law works, when you become familiar with this law the latter steps are easy to follow.

law of attraction, simply says, that if you think of something or somebody with an intense focus and it will become reality in your life, you’ll attract that thing to you whether your thought are positive or negative does not matter you’ll attract the things you think of it most, even if you hate that thing.

Back to our subject, changing goals will hurt your achievement with the law of attraction, most of the law of attraction Practitioners say we need to focus on the thing we desire at least for 30 days without any emotional error.

Here are some hot tips to help you overcome this issue when it appears.

– Set a definite goal: a goal that you want to be achieved prior to any other goals, you may want many things but start setting the one goal you want most.


– Set time: setting time will force your brain to add new road map and find new ways to achieve your goal

– do not question too much: when you are ready to start the law of attraction and make the law of attraction work for you. Do not ask too much questions, such as i am on the right track to achieve that specific goal? i am using the right tools and techniques of the loa? Etc…

– visualize repeatedly: because of daily activities in our life, we tend to forget to visualize our goals repeatedly and as we all know continuous visualization plays a major role in manifesting anything, using the law of attraction. And soon when we don’t see anything happen, we complain the law of attraction and Practitioners of the loa.

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