Clear Your Mind of negative Thoughts


Clear Your Mind of negative Thoughts

We all have negative thoughts at times, maybe it is due to redundancy, the loss of a close friend or relative or even the death of a beloved pet.

When something happens that causes a trauma in your life you begin to question everything, positive thoughts go out of the window and you wonder about the point of everything.



Depression does not discriminate, it can hit anyone of any age, creed or social standing but it is important to regain control of your life as soon as you can before you sink to such a low that it is hard to climb back.

So how do you clear your mind of negative thoughts?

It is very difficult to do this at first because when you are feeling low you feel sad and unhappy all of the time. Your mind and your feelings are in tune with one another and it is your feelings that affect your thoughts. But once you can regain control of your thoughts you will feel much better in yourself.

It is easy to say think of people and things that make you happy, but not so easy to put it into action. Negative thinking has become a habit and however hard you try to push these thoughts from your mind the harder it gets. They just sink into the bottom of your mind and usually rise to the top just as you are trying to get to sleep.

To clear your mind of negative thoughts try using the following steps.

1. Body Language

Look at yourself in the mirror – is there a constant frown on your face? Are you slouching? If the answer is yes your mind is obviously full of negative thoughts, your confidence has plummeted and your self-image is at its lowest.

Start by sitting up straight, try to be confident about everything and try to smile everyday, or at least once a day. When your body language is fixed you are on the first rung of the ladder to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

  1. Talk to Someone

It is no use bottling up your emotions, it is best to talk about any issues that causes your negative thinking. If you have no friend or relative you can talk to book an appointment with a professional counsellor. They will help you put these bad thoughts into perspective.

  1. Calm Your Mind

Your mind is running overtime and it is hard to keep up with it. Negative thoughts are racing round your mind so fast you just cannot control them. You need to slow down your mind and try to relax and empty all signs of negativity. Meditation or yoga will help so try to meditate and relax completely once a day. Once you have calmed your mind you can fill it up with positive thoughts.

  1. Re-tune Your Thoughts

Just as you have to re-tune a car so you have to re-tune your mind. A poor perspective on life causes negative thoughts so take a look around you. Write down the positive things in your life and start noticing the things around you, the beauty of nature and the good things that are happening.

Realize you are going through a bad patch and are facing a challenge but you have almost certainly faced a challenge before and got through it so you can get through this bad period.

  1. Be Creative 

Take up something creative, write poetry or short stories. Do a painting, it does not matter how bad it is as long as you are focusing your mind on something other than the thoughts in your head. Once you have achieved this your negativity will disappear. Creative therapy has been used for many years by professionals to help patients get over a breakdown or trauma in their life.




Clear your mind of negative thoughts

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