Four Law of Attraction Techniques You Should use

Four Law of attraction techniques


We will emphasis on how we can develop a clear idea to easily visualize our goal, whether it be a thing we want or a person to attract into our life. this is a very simple strategy that we will use in this post.

First Things first: Choose something that’s easy when you think about it. don’t worry about big things you will get better when you accomplish simple tasks, you can upgrade your vision when you are ready for bigger responsibilities.

But at first shot. Always choose simple tasks, for example, you may want an object to have OR an event you would like to happen, or situation in which you would like to improve.

The Second Step is: Now after you have chosen your goal it’s time for relaxation, relax deeply from your toe to your scalp

During Your day if you can find several times to relax deeply, where no one can disturb you

Relax your body completely, let all tension flow our of your body.

It’s Really important to be relaxed, This is the main reason that so many people can not achieve their goals or visualize. Because they are not relaxed at all. Let alone deeply relaxed.

Please Consider relaxation if your life very seriously. when you are not relaxed if means you are not content or happy with you what you have. It means you are chasing things.

Step Three: Now when you are deeply relaxed start imagining your goal or goals. for example, if you want to attract a car imagine yourself driving the car, Enjoing and having fun with your newly bought car.

Or you may want to improve a situation or an event to happen. Then imagine the event excatly happened like you wanted, Add feelings to it.

More Details help better. You may include what people thought about it or what they tell you about the event.

Make it fun. Like a Child. It’s important to repeat this technique twice or more in a day, especially at night when you are about to sleep or
when you wake up in the morning, Mind is more receptive at those times. but you can do at any time during the day.

Step four: After relaxation and imagination it’s time to end your goals or imagination with a positive statement to affirm it more, such as
– I love myself and accept wholeheartedly
– I love driving my car ( The model of the car) and it feels good driving it.

It’s important to feel good when you say the positive statement.


we have covered four practical ways to imagine and visualize our goals. Don’t hurry to get all the things soon. You are now changing your scarcity habits
to abundant and more fulfilling life. It works best if you don’t chase things that are why it’s important to relax deeply.

Hope you can find it helpful.


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