How to motivate yourself with gentle steps?

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How to get motivated with gentle steps

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. __Albert Einstein

Well we all have times that are not so good, we don’t feel enthusiastic for some hidden reasons inside us. Well that’s normal because we as human beings we always encounter those kind of situations and it’s very easy to pass by them. But we have to learn some easy steps to not hurt ourselves during the get rid of unpleasant times.

Why we lose motivation through some days of our life?

There is not definite answer for this question but it stems from our own thinking, our approach to get things done and how to perceive things around us. It’s important to remind yourself without motivation you cannot achieve great goals and get to certain points. However I don’t say this to discourage but to motivate you, because there is solution for unmotivated times.


Here are some steps to gently remove stress and feel motivate right away.


Focus on one thing

Where focus goes, energy flows, carefully choose what you focus on, you can focus on too many things that happens around you, or the mistakes you made in the past and the plan for your future. That’s normal if you think that way time to time, but not always because the more you pay attention to many things the tired you’ll become and eventually you’ll lose hope in yourself and become unmotivated.

First think about the things you can control not the one that you don’t any control over it.

When I started my online business or let’s say websites, many thoughts compete my attention like which web hosting to host your website with, which design does look better, which niche do I have to invest my money and time into?

There are millions of thoughts that compete to steal you attention every day.

Well, all those thought took one year to be cleared from my mind, but hopefully it does not have to take you one year to decide, although it took me one year to realize but the real time to empty my mind from unnecessary thought took only one day.


Simplify your life

when you clear your mind and focus on one thing (see above). Now it’s time to simplify your life from doing too many things together to only one goal, when you try to accomplish many goals altogether then you have to exhaust your mind by thinking about all of them and tracking your activities.

Remember where focus goes energy flows, when we do many things together we have to think about them, that’s the root of us to be motivated most of the time. When we implement only one task and get things done we feel uplifted and unconsciously feel relaxed.


Get things done

Achieve a small task at first and then gradually you’ll find motivation to complete bigger goals.

Get things done not think about how to done them, if you think too much on the goal you want to achieve you’ll lose enthusiasm, most of the time we think too much on how we are going to implement the goal we have in mind till we become discouraged and avoided the task, this approach of getting things done is not helpful and will lesson our motivation.

Start from a small goal and achieve it, if you want to wake up early, don’t think that you can become a morning person with one night of waking up early, no make small change with your sleep go to bed ten minutes earlier and wake up 10- 20 minutes earlier for one week, this way you’ll find it easier to become and morning person. That’s true for everything we do.


Get help

Surf the internet for a solution or ask your friends to help you get motivated, I quit smoking in 2010 but before I quit I searched the internet on how to quit smoking and I went to pharmacies in my town to ask them on the best methods of quitting smoking and I got the help both from online and offline.

Because smoking made me stressful, I was unmotivated most of the time. So I went for help and solved the problem, I still have problems but when I do have one I do search for help.

Men’s best successes come after their disappointments.

Henry Ward Beecher


Visualize your success

When we visualize about the outcomes we feel happier and motivated to do more job to more done. The time we decide to achieve a goal, it’s important for us that’s why to spend our time or money to achieve it.

Visualizing your success in your mind as though you’ve already achieve it, it will give you the joy and excitement of the results, think only about the results.

Every day for a week or a month visualize your success and then take action on small steps till you finish your task.

The best way to predict the future is to create it, well visualizing is a best option when it comes to creating your future.

Feel that you are cloth to your goal, it’s the method that most entrepreneurs choose, but it works best for them, they visualize their success and feeling that they are near it to obtain that thing.


I could write many other options to help you be motivated, but I think those are listed above are enough if you put them into practice and play with them, those are the essential and gentle ways to show you get motivated.

However you can find many things around that make you motivated and excited in your life, such as walking outsides, talking to your friends and play with kids

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.

Thomas Jefferson


The decision to get motivated is important, when you decide nothing can resist you.

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