Law of attraction really works

law of attraction really works

law of attraction really workslaw of attraction really works

How did I come to the realization of the law of attraction and how I applied to my life?

Law of attraction really works

I was born in a normal family with lots of problems and complaining’s and most of those complaining’s came to me from the environment I was living in, anyway I finished high school and college with lots of problems but in 3rd grade of college I was introduced to the law of attraction by a dear friend of mine and here my story begins.

I started to study the law of attraction more than my college courses which were course about the human resources. the first thing i attracted into my life was a rich and popular girl in college, which i did not have any connections with here before applying the loa into practice, but using the law of attraction made everything so simple. i started to visualize and play in my imagination as if we had been together for a long time forever. Like Dr. Joe vitale says in his popular book (the attractor factor) nevilize your goals so i nevilized it with passion and desire

Almost 20 days miracles happened to me and i realized that my job with the law of attraction did not go in vain. Because on the 21st day of the process visualizing my goal which was that girl become true, she came to me and said hi, she told me that these days’ she’s is missing me so much “missing me”? really?, wow i went to my dorm room with mouth open and eyes unblinking and that happiness was not because i attracted a girl to me that happiness because of i learned how to apply the law of attraction into my life. Now i wherever i go miracles happen to me wherever i go i live with ease and comfort. Above all i have peace of mind the second thing i attracted into my life when i learned back in college was $150,000 without having a job. My life is an example of the law of attraction.


Law of attraction really works because everybody knows about the law of attraction instinctively but because the mass goes in one direction we tend to follow them without questioning the huge obstacles on the road.

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