The power of Gratitude

How grateful are you?

The power of Gratitude


When it comes to the law of attraction many things have a major role in activating the law and to in our favor, that’s why so many of us fail to make it real and attract what we desire into our lives. It is imperative that we should use every factor which makes the law of attraction work best.

One of the core functional factors that have impact on the law of attraction and happiness is gratitude and thankfulness, in every religion and philosophical notes we come across the power of gratitude.

During the history of mankind we have been told we should be thankful and grateful for what we have in life then you’ll find true happiness, we have been told that the more we are grateful the more we feel happiness and joy.

because gratitude gives us a sense of satisfaction that we have all things we desire and that way we will be in harmony with God and nature, when we are in harmony with nature we will keep getting good things into our lives and draw more good feelings, but one thing you should keep in mind and it is that being grateful is a non-stop process, you cannot be thankful today and the next day don’t. This does not work that way, gratitude should be a part of you.

So, why being thankful brings more wealth, the entire concept of the law of attraction is that you get what you are thinking and feeling. So if you think like a wealthy person already, you’ll attract more wealth to you. Also if you be thankful of how a wealthy person you are, you’ll bring more of what you thankful for.

Being thankful does not have to be necessarily a material thing, you can find many things in your life to be thankful for, such as family, friends and your health, etc.


encourage yourself to find a thing every day, that you have been taking for granted, this could be anything, really think about how much it means to you, and how thankful you are for having it, this simple and clear exercise will ignite the flame of gratitude in their heart that will promote more wealth in your life, keep the thing that you are thankful for in your mind and feel the feeling of having it now, in return you’ll get more things to be thankful for.

This process really worked for me, I have to say nothing else worked before learning the power of gratitude, it became a part of my life, whenever i go I’m thankful for what i see and experience in life. This process simplified the law of attraction for me now i can easily attract the things and persons my life.

master this step well that you never lack of the feeling of gratitude ever again, here in our website you can find good tips on how to master the process of being thankful and grateful.




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