How to Use the Law of Attraction

How to use the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction states that whatever happens to a person, either it is something positive and beneficial in nature or otherwise, it has been attracted by him/her. For instance, if someone gets lent money, then it means that they are attracting the positivity towards them, similarly, if someone gets robbed of something then it also results of that person’s attraction of negativities towards them. Here are a few steps that one can take in order to benefit from the Law of Attraction.



Step One:

Meditation is a great way to enhance brain power and to welcome positive thoughts into oneself. This is neither a very time-consuming task nor is it mandatory, however spending 5 to 10 minutes meditating is recommended.

Step Two:

Always be clear about what is wanted and what is not. Being clear is important since wanting something is same as wishing for it. No one would like a distorted image to get propagated into the universe as their will.

Step Three:

Have clear thoughts about what is wanted, for example, feeling the steering wheel of a car in the hand and imagining with detail even about the color and make of the car would help in being specific in the wish.

Step Four:

Write the wish down on a paper and write it as if it has already been granted. Thank the universe that the wish has been granted and write in present tense. Doing this would make a sense of satisfaction within, in fact a sense of accomplishment.

Step Five:

If all the four steps mentioned above have been worked on, proceed to feeling that it has become real. One needs to speak, think and act as if he has been granted his wish. Sometimes doing this becomes a life changer. Once a person starts to feel so much that it is real, he begins to believe on its reality. After that, he comes to realize of the “what now?” scenario and begins feeling full of what he wanted and therefore the thirst remains no more. So clearly, that person has repelled the bad feeling of inferiority and attracted the sense of superiority.

Step Six:

Now it is time for a person to start thanking for what he has and to content with what he has not yet. Being grateful to nature is a pleasant thing and can even result in granted wishes. It is true that once a person wants something so dearly, it runs away from him and if he keeps ignoring it, it keeps on getting in his way.

Step Seven:

Have faith in what has been wished for will be granted, and even if it is not then it is for the good of it. Trusting the universe is the essence of Law of Attraction. After getting through all of this, it can be said that a person starts to feel lighter and more comfortable with what he already has and has not yet. Ultimately, wishes granted or not, he is able to take a leap towards a happier life.




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