Law of Attraction

When people use the law of attraction their lives become easy and wherever they go they find good people and good circumstances because they are in harmony with nature and everything flow flawlessly. if you have not used the law of attraction it’s time to decide sharply and use the law of attraction, if you have doubts of how you use the LOA there are many ways that you can apply it into your life and find greatness or if you have doubt how the law of attraction works leave it to  a power that greater than you. In this article we are going to show you how to manifest anything you want fast.


10 tips to use the law of attraction

1- Decide what you want: Think and ponder perfectly that what you want most, if you ask anybody he/she will tell you that he/she wants to be rich and wealthy, but really do they? Start writing your most precious goal


2– Believe: You must believe in whatever you are asking for. You have to believe that the thing you want is already yours and belong to you.


3- Visualize regularly: Because mind does not make any difference between reality and imagination. So because the mind does not know what’s real and what’s just an imagination, we can make our own thought by deliberate visualization. Use the power of your mind to start attracting the thing you want.


4- Let go: Do not obsess over the things you want to manifest instead let go and have the state of mind that your wish is already achieved. Let go and a clear mind will help you easily attract the thing you want, have the feeling of satisfaction.


5- persistence: Decide what you want then use the necessary steps to achieve your goal and don’t quit soon, many people quit before their goal start moving toward them. That’s why you should persist with a strong faith, at least visualize you goal for 90 days.

6- Take action: Taking action means you are ready to use the law of attraction not by waiting for opportunities to appear, strong and faithful man start taking action based on their intuition and taking action with a will clear your mind is powerful than with negative thoughts.

7- Use hypnosis: Hypnosis will help you achieve your goal faster if you have many negative thoughts because hypnosis persuade our minds easily and our minds accept everything that given to

8- Live on end results: This the most powerful and fun way to attract what you want using the law of attraction, I don’t know why but before I was aware of the law of attraction I used it this method to attract girls into my life and guess what I was 100% successful. Later when I introduced to the law of attraction I realized that and accept it right away, because I had been using for quite a time. Always, always live on the end results, so if you want to attract your desired car don’t obsess yourself on how you can attract it, play in your thought that you’re already the owner of that car and enjoy riding it. This step alone can bring you the things you want if you use it fully.

9- Fear: Everybody when uses the law of attraction for the first time some fearful thoughts cross his/her mind, and as all we know fear create doubt and doubt is crippling us. Whenever a fearful thought crossed your mind remove it and instead visualize a happy and enjoyable thing to erase the doubts in your mind.

10- receive it: The last thing is you should open yourself to receive your desired thing, when you are ready to achieve and think as if you already achieve it, you send good feelings and vibrations out into the universe and the universe will give you back the result of that good feelings and emotions. For example, if you want to make $10,000. You should convince yourself that you already have that amount of money. Do whatever it takes to convince yourself to achieve that kind of money into your life do not ever look at your current reality. Because you can change your current reality hopefully.



About the Author Farhang Babkayee

Farhang is an Author, personal development teacher and the law of attraction expert, mostly he writes about how to gain a life of success. learn more about him Click Here

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