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more about law of attractionmore about law of attraction


Most people take a long time to grasp the meaning of the law of attraction perfectly, because we are programmed in a way that our ego don’t seem to accept new beliefs that we are not aware of, there are many steps you should be aware of and absorb these steps to effortlessly attract new things into your life.

Here are some hot tips to help you attract the thing you want.

1- Wealth is available for everyone and everywhere, regardless of your age, religion, Ethnicity and social status, everyone can change their lives by using the law of attraction properly, universe is full of abundance, there is no lack in nature.

2- Law of attraction is in motion at this very moment in your life and working in our lives now, so we have to change our thoughts and emotions to prevent from further disasters. Because it has major impact on financial growth

3- Our subconscious mind continuously picking up on or vibrational energy that causes our conscious mind to be aware of what the next move is.

take a look around yourself you’ll see that life is always advancing because some people are using their minds properly, all fields of technology, medicine, science all advancing and that’s because some great and pioneer men devoted their lives to achieve those goals that we are proud of NOW.

4- Find your source of negativity, we all have negative emotions in our daily routines and there are reasons for that negativity, examples such as: living with a negative family and negative partner. We all have a source of negativity but hopefully you can change that source…

5- Believe you deserve it: many people try to use the law of attraction without any self-esteem, that’s a huge mistake if you feel you don’t deserve wealth,  think about that it’s your birth right to become wealthy in your life.




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Farhang is an Author, personal development teacher and the law of attraction expert, mostly he writes about how to gain a life of success. learn more about him Click Here

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